San Juan-Caguas-Guaynabo, PR | Chlamydia Prevalence

This data is from the CDC's NCHHSTP 2014 Atlas :

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CityTotal PopulationNumber of People with chlamydia% of Population with chlamydia
San Juan-Caguas-Guaynabo, PR236815532080.14%

Map of chlamydia Prevalence by County

Chlamydia Rate


CountyTotal PopulationNumber of People with chlamydia% of Population with chlamydia
Canóvanas Municipio, PR47457990.21%
Maunabo Municipio, PR11565230.2%
San Juan Municipio, PR3655757440.2%
San Lorenzo Municipio, PR39524770.19%
Caguas Municipio, PR1370322520.18%
Río Grande Municipio, PR52668960.18%
Loíza Municipio, PR28065490.17%
Humacao Municipio, PR55884870.16%
Yabucoa Municipio, PR35879560.16%
Carolina Municipio, PR1658202500.15%
Trujillo Alto Municipio, PR710191030.15%
Cayey Municipio, PR46293640.14%
Cidra Municipio, PR42118600.14%
Manatí Municipio, PR41675580.14%
Aibonito Municipio, PR24561310.13%
Bayamón Municipio, PR1942102470.13%
Cataño Municipio, PR26274350.13%
Juncos Municipio, PR40102530.13%
Naguabo Municipio, PR26886320.12%
Arecibo Municipio, PR915401040.11%
Gurabo Municipio, PR47145510.11%
Toa Baja Municipio, PR84165930.11%
Aguas Buenas Municipio, PR27473270.1%
Barranquitas Municipio, PR29697300.1%
Comerío Municipio, PR20253200.1%
Guaynabo Municipio, PR92799940.1%
Las Piedras Municipio, PR38671340.09%
Toa Alta Municipio, PR74837640.09%
Camuy Municipio, PR33664270.08%
Florida Municipio, PR12411100.08%
Ciales Municipio, PR17728120.07%
Dorado Municipio, PR38264280.07%
Hatillo Municipio, PR41618300.07%
Naranjito Municipio, PR29602200.07%
Orocovis Municipio, PR22392160.07%
Quebradillas Municipio, PR25042180.07%
Vega Baja Municipio, PR56166410.07%
Morovis Municipio, PR32194190.06%
Vega Alta Municipio, PR39236250.06%
Corozal Municipio, PR35693180.05%
Barceloneta Municipio, PR24958110.04%

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