Richmond, VA | HIV Prevalence

This data is from the CDC's NCHHSTP 2012 Atlas : http://www.cdc.gov/NCHHSTP/Atlas/

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CityTotal PopulationNumber of People with HIV% of Population with HIV
Richmond, VA, 105257142290.4%

Map of HIV Prevalence by County

HIV Rate


CountyTotal PopulationNumber of People with HIV% of Population with HIV
Petersburg City, VA276603551.28%
Richmond City, VA17563520401.16%
Powhatan County, VA238191300.55%
Sussex County, VA10657510.48%
Hopewell City, VA18479820.44%
Goochland County, VA18713720.38%
Henrico County, VA2542016840.27%
Charles City County, VA6386140.22%
Dinwiddie County, VA23629460.19%
Caroline County, VA23592450.19%
Colonial Heights City, VA14681280.19%
Cumberland County, VA8461150.18%
Chesterfield County, VA2598954590.18%
Prince George County, VA30073530.18%
King And Queen County, VA5963100.17%
Louisa County, VA28036340.12%
New Kent County, VA15747160.1%
Hanover County, VA83015810.1%
Amelia County, VA1074070.07%
King William County, VA1318970.05%

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